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Jelly Bean

Is that paint swatch making your nervous? Perhaps you have an idea for the nursery but are hesitant to execute your plan. Alexa will hold your hand and guide you to make sound decisions for designing a fantastic space for your little darling.

3 hours of design consultation with Alexa. $225

Jelly Bean
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Celebrate your pregnancy by devoting an entire day to shopping for your baby's room. Together, we'll realize your ideas while enjoying the wonderful resources Atlanta has for designing gorgeous spaces. Take it all home and create it yourself!

Includes initial design consult plus 10 hours of shopping with Alexa. $750

Cotton Candy
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Let Gummdrop create the space of your dreams. Choose the look you want and allow Alexa to order and install your nursery. You don't have to lift a finger!

Includes initial design consult, design finalization meeting, materials selection, shopping and installation. Price TBD, deposit $500.

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